Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More on that "Mormon Musical" Fiasco

Here is a great review done after listening to the terrible soundtrack. You can also read it here in the cross post.

This is one case where I think that trying to ignore it and not boycotting (as in not going) or protesting has been a big mistake. Its offensive to a lot more than Mormons and yet its treated with kid’s gloves. The argument that it would only increase its audience by doing this is lame considering the large amount of words given to it already by the supporters. At the least those who might have thought to go might be persuaded to skip it as they should! More than one person who thought of going heard the awful things it has and decided NOT to go. Speak up because someone who doesn’t represent your views will.

By the way, I think that Mormons should stand outside the theater before and after the performance and hand out actual Book of Mormons. Not sure if that has been done yet, but it probably would have been news if enough Mormons did this. An insert could be place in them that quotes Scripture that warns against the filth the so-called musical represents.


chris said...

I disagree. I think media, etc. love to have a conflict. They would love in every story of this play to point out the boycotts and protests called for by Mormons. That would then put us in the middle of a fight. Why engage in such? Why waste time? I understand the need to persuade each other to ignore this drivel. But why go farther than that.

I say let's choose to focus our efforts in the direction of something positive that uplifts.

We can battle those forces (often unwittingly) arrayed against the gospel in more ways than through direct confrontation. I think the savior was a great example in this regard. He spoke on what needed to be spoken on, but focused his life on the weightier important matters.

Anonymous said...

Interesting Jettboy.

Maybe we should do a post, and write from the liberal point of view and move it to the 1938, of how we should not fight against Hitler because that just gives him more press. Of course, liberals seeing their viewpoint being besmirched would just claim, "Godwin's theorem."