Sunday, September 20, 2009

Book of Mormon Reading Breakdown Pt. 2

The Book of Helaman
1-2 (Murder of the Chief Judge and rise of Gadianton)
3-6(Righteousness of the Nephites and the rapid decline into wickedness)
5-9(Preaching and Prophecy of a later Nephi)
10-11 (Miracles of Nephi, repentance of people, and disturbance of Gadianton)
12 (Mormon's commentary about the "Pride Cycle")
13-16 (Samuel the Lamanite prophecies about the First Coming of Christ)

Third Nephi: The Book of Nephi, The Son of Nephi, Who was the Son of Helaman
1-4 (Signs of the mortal coming of Christ, war with the Gadianton Robbers)
5-7 (Righteousness and wicked decent into Tribalism)
8-10 (Destruction, three days of darkness, and the Voice of the Lord)
11-16 (Glorified Jesus comes down, organizes the Church, preaches His message)
17-20 (Institution of Communion, calling of Disciples, prophecy)
21-25 (Jesus prophecies of the Last Days)
26-28 (Unity of the Church and instructions to the Disciples)
29-30 (Mormon's warning to the Gentiles of their unbelief)

Fourth Nephi: The Book of Nephi, Who is the Son of Nephi- One of the Disciples of Jesus Christ
1 (Two Centuries of righteousness dissolving into absolute wickedness)

The Book of Mormon
1-7 (Mormon given the records, leads Nephite armies, and laments about their wickedness and destruction)
8-9 (Moroni, son of Mormon, finishes the record. He warns the Gentiles to learn from the Nephites and repent)

The Book of Ether
1-3 (Tower of Babel; brother of Jared sees pre-mortal Christ)
4-5 (Sealing the records until the Last Days)
6-11 (Jaredites arrive at the Promised Land, but wickedness spreads and prophets warn of destruction)
12 (Moroni comments about faith and miracles)
13-15 (Prophet Ether teaches of the New Jerusalem and the Jaredite destruction. The Jaredites lose faith and destroy themselves)

The Book of Moroni
1-6 (organization and practices of the Church)
7 (Sermon on Faith, Hope, and Charity)
8 (Epistle of Mormon on the wickedness of infant baptism)
9 (Second epistle of Mormon on the wickedness of the Nephites and Lamanites)
10 (Mormon testifies of his record and how to gain a testimony of its words and Christ)

Monday, September 07, 2009

Book of Mormon Reading Breakdown

John G. Turner at Religion in American History blog said he was having problems reading The Book of Mormon. He expressed the same frustrations that even believers often have with its dry narrative. He found it easier to digest short chunks given to him as suggested readings. With his invitation to help finish the book, I replied it would probably be best to break it down into major stories and sermons.

When I first came up with the idea it was going to be a loose collection of readings. However, I soon found it hard for me to find what might be skipped without serious lack of literary context. My final decision was to take the entire book and break it down into parts for complete consumption. Because I didn't want to overburden the post with my complete work I decided to publish the work on my blog. As I continue from 1 Nephi to Moroni there will be additions.

All books and chapters broken down from the LDS 1981 publication copies.

First Book of Nephi
1-7 (The calling of Lehi’s family to the wilderness)
8-9 (dream of Lehi and Nephi’s plates)
10-15 (encapsulated Lehi prophecy and Nephi’s Christian gospel history vision)
16-18 (continued travel and building of ship. Emphasis on Exodus)
19 (Purpose of writings to chronicle destiny of Israel. Note: the Book of Mormon doesn’t see a marked difference between Israel and Christianity. They are one and the same.)
20-22 (Nephi reads Isaiah to explain Israel’s destiny)

The Second Book of Nephi
1-4 (Lehi blesses his sons and grandsons, and the servant Zoram. Promises and warnings about the Promised Land)
5 (The split between Nephi and his brothers. Formation of Nephites and Lamanites)
6-10 (The sermon of Jacob concerning the scattering and gathering of Israel. Christ is center of salvation)
11-24 (Nephi quotes chapters of Isaiah as illustration of Jacob’s teachings)
25-26 (The salvation of Christ in history)
27-31 (The Book of Mormon as a final warning to repent before Christ comes in Power)
31-32 (How to become a Christian by Christ’s example)
33 (Nephi’s testimony of his writings)

The Book of Jacob: The Brother of Nephi
1 (Passing of the plates, death of Nephi and continued legacy)
2-3 (Jacob's sermon on pride and whoredoms)
4 (Foundation of the Lord)
5 (Allegory of the Olive Tree as a likeness to scattering and gathering)
7-8 (warning to not deny Christ. Sherem challenges Jacob)

Enos (His prayer struggle in the wilderness)
Jarom (Growth of the Nephites and Lamanites)
Omni (Discovery of Zarahemla)
Words of Mormon (Introduction of the editor and continued history)

The Book of Mosiah
1-6 (King Benjamin's address calling for a Christian covenant people)
7-8 (Rediscovery of Lehi-Nephi, the 24 plates)
9-11 (The founding of Lehi-Nephi and rising wickedness)
12-17 (Trial of Abinadi, his defense of faith in Christ the reason for Law of Moses)
18 (Alma and the Waters of Mormon)
19-21 (Bondage of Lehi-Nephi by Lamanites up to its rediscovery)
22 (Escape to Zarahemla)
23-24 (Alma, founding of Helam, bondage and escape to Zarahemla)
25-26 (The rise of the Church in Zarahemla and persecutions)
27 (Conversion of Alma and the Sons of Mosiah because of Angelic message)
28-29 (Mission of sons of Mosiah, change from Kingship to Judges after divine interpretation of 24 plates)

The Book of Alma: The Son of Alma
1-4 (The Nehor Priestcraft, war against Amlicites and Lamanites)
5-6 (Alma preaches and organizes the church in Zarahemla)
7 (Alma preaches in Gideon)
8-9 (Alma preaches, gets rejected, returns to Ammonihah)
10-11 (Amulek preaches to people of Ammonihah)
12-13 (Alma preaches righteousness and the priesthood to Zeezrom)
14-16 (Alma and Amulek see believers martyred, escape imprisonment, convert Zeezrom, and return to Zarahemla. Ammonihah destroyed by Lamanites)
17-20 (Ammon preaches to Lamanite King Lamoni)
21-25 (Mission to Lamanites, faith of the Anti-Nephi-Lehies)
26 (Ammon glories in Lamanite conversions)
27-28 (Anti-Nephi-Lehies called people of Ammon, Lamanite attack)
29 (Alma's desire to preach like an Angel)
30 (Korihor the Anti-Christ)
31-35 (Missionary work to the self-righteous Zoramites and poor outcasts)
36-42 (Commandments of Alma to his missionary sons)
43-44 (Captain Moroni leads the Nephites defenses against Lamanites)
45-49 (Amalickiah the Nephite joins the Lamanites. Moroni raises the Title of Liberty)
50-51 (Divisions among the Nephites; Freeman and Kingman factions)
52-55 (Moroni continues to lead the Nephites in defense against Lamanites and dissenters)
56-58 (War letter of Helaman to Moroni, including story of two thousand sons of Anti-Nephi-Lehies)
59-61 (Letters between Moroni and Pahoran)
62-63 (Major war ends, Moroni dies, Nephites expand)