Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Behavior of Mormon Politicians

Harry Reid the Senate Majority Leader is at it again. This isn't the first time there has been Mormon against Mormon political infighting, but it shouldn't be that way; especially not personal. Nevada saw its share of the same questionable tactics. Proper behavior for those of the same religion dictates a completely different approach. It may be an impossible ideal, but it should be a strived for ideal.

Senator Reid and Governor Romney are not friends. That much is clear. What is more disconcerting is less what they have said to each other, but they should know better. It seems the allure of partisan politics is slowly destroying them.

Release the taxes, Reid demands in his position as the leader of the Democrats. According to him, some unnamed sources say that Romney hasn't paid any taxes in ten years. Worse yet, he proclaims, "your father would be ashamed," becoming judge of both Romney and his father. In reply, Romney challenges, "put up or shut up," with evidence of who makes those claims. The political has become personal.

What has come of this? Non-Mormons are now making religious judgements of Romney that he is possibly a bad Mormon hiding a lack of paying his tithing. Reid is seen by others as starting a "Mormon-on-Mormon war" based on innuendo and flimsy evidence. The justification for all of this is seeking and defending mortal power. Latter-day Saints running for office against each other, or at all, should be much more circumspect and careful.