Sunday, December 27, 2015

Church History in Pictures: Translation of a Book

After Joseph Smith was visited by the Angel Moroni, he was told to go to a hill where he would find a record of an ancient American civilization. He at first worked the farm with his father without mentioning the vision, but related it to his father when exhibiting physical weakness.  Trusting in the vision, Joseph Smith Jr's father told him to find the place located on what would later be called the hill Cumorah.

Today the hill has a memorial to the Angel Moroni at the top. During the summer a Pageant is presented commemorating the Book of Mormon that was translated by the Power of God. It would be about four years before he was allowed to take the "golden plates" from the hiding spot. Every year he as commanded to go back and be taught more information before granted permission to take them.

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Church History in Pictures: Visions from Heaven

The first years of Joseph Smith Jr.'s life was not very eventful. His mother in her own recollections states he lived like any other youth. The most noteworthy events for several years was constant moving to new locations.

From  the LDS institute textbook Church History in the Fullness of Times Student Manual second chapter:
During Joseph Smith’s earliest years, his family moved frequently, looking for fertile soil or some other way to earn a livelihood. Their first move after his birth took them from Sharon to Tunbridge. In 1807, soon after Samuel was born, they moved to Royalton, Vermont, where two more sons were born. Shortly after William’s birth in 1811 the Smiths moved to the small community of West Lebanon, New Hampshire . . .
While living in West Lebanon, members of the Smith family became ill with typhoid fever. All of the family recovered, including for a time Joseph Smith Jr. Two weeks after getting better, Joseph Smith Jr. developed a serious leg infection. He pleaded with doctors to not take off his leg. A very skilled physician saved the leg after painful surgery to take out infected bone.