Friday, September 08, 2006

Announcement: Book of Mormon Blog Symposium

I would like to announce a blog symposium here with the Book of Mormon as the subject matter. This would include more than simple Sunday School lessons or testimonials. What I am intending is some short analysis of one of the 15 books, main and unique message of one of the prophets, or a topic that is not usually discussed. The intention is based on my belief that the Book of Mormon has been read by millions, but understood by few in its scope. Discussion will include:

- New essays written by me about the purpose of the Book of Mormon and what we can learn from its words.

- A variety of guest posts presenting different veiwpoints for a more in-depth look at this ancient scripture for modern readers.

- Discussions about blog articles from around the bloggernacle that touch on Book of Mormon teachings.

If you would like to participate by including your own essays, e-mail a request to "" to join the symposium. Include a short (2 to 3 sentence) description of what you would like to write. The short essay will be posted at my "Straight and Narrow Blog" with your byline and site link if you have one.

The Book of Mormon Blog Symposium will go from Sunday, Sept. 17 to Wednesday Oct. 25, with a new article published each Sunday and Wednesday. Come over to read and make your own comments during this project.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to this!

Jettboy said...

Wow, I finally made the big time! Also, it must have been a slow bloggernacle week. Yes, I already do have a list of people lined up to write guest posts. No, I am not particularly bad off in that department. Yes, I am interested in anyone else if they want to join.

Guy Murray said...


I hope you don't take personally the drivel that passes for humor over there at that website. I thought some of their comments were, as is typical for that site, in poor taste, and personal mean attacks against you. But, of course they have a history of that both in the posts (many unoriginal) they make and the comments they allow.

I wish you success in your endeavor.

Jettboy said...

I am not too concerned about what has been said. To be honest, I think the Bloggernacle needs a more humorous look at itself. Many of its points I agree with and sometimes laugh at the jokes. My biggest grievance is, like you said, the personal mean attacks that seem to have increased over the months.

There is a line it seems to have crossed between trying to lighten up an overly serious blog world and becoming a bully pulpit. The first I endorse and the second I despise. We do take ourselves too seriously, but we are also equally human.