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Church History in the 1970s Ensign Magazine

Although known as mostly a spiritual devotional magazine for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints members, the Ensign has published important and interesting history articles. Some years contain a handful of material while others are full of them. It seems to depend on what scriptures are studied during a cycle. The collection here is not comprehensive, with many regional and biographic retrospectives left out. These articles cover the years 1971 to 1979. In the months ahead the other decades will be represented.

The Church and Its Magazines by Doyle L. Green.

The Human Qualities of Joseph Smith the Prophet by Leonard J. Arrington.

April 6, 1830: The Day the Church was Organized by Doyle L. Green.

Heritage of a Prophet by Richard Lloyd Anderson.

General Thomas L. Kane by Norman R. Bowen and Albert L. Zobell Jr.

Joseph Smith’s Home Environment by Richard Lloyd Anderson.

History of the Church in Great Britain by Richard L. Evans.

Thomas L. Kane: The Pioneer by Norman R. Bowen and Albert L. Zobell Jr.

Provo: A City with a Colorful Past by Albert L. Zobell Jr.

Ogden: Utah’s Oldest Settlement by Eleanor Knowles.

The Iowa Trek of 1846: The Brigham Young Route from Nauvoo to Winter Quarters by Stanley L. Kimball.

A Half Century of Broadcasting in the Church by Herbert F. Murray.

Mormons in Mexico: The first 96 Years by Gerry R. Flake.

Mormon Colonies: Beacons of Light in Mexico by Leroy Hatch.
How the Scriptures Came to be Translated into Spanish by Eduardo Balderas.

The American Presidency and the Mormons by James B. Allen.

Lucy Mack Smith: Woman of Great Faith by Jaynann Payne.

Joseph Smith’s Inspired Translation of the Bible by Robert J. Matthews.

The Book of Mormon Goes to Press by Gayle Goble Ord.

The Saints in South Africa by Lawrence E. Cummins.

Eliza R. Snow: First Lady of the Pioneers by Jaynann Payne.

Boston’s Mormon Landmark: Abijah Tewkesbury’s Office by Dean May.

Your Affectionate Father, Brigham Young: The Prophet’s Letters to His Sons (Part 1) by Dean C. Jessee.

Your Affectionate Father, Brigham Young: The Prophet’s Letters to His Sons (Part 2) by Dean C. Jessee.

125 Years of the Sunday Classroom by Glen M. Leonard.

History is Then and Now: A Conversation with Leonard J. Arrington, Church Historian.

Coming to Zion: Saga of the Gathering by William G. Hartley.

Eight Presidents: A Century at BYU by Edwin Butterworth, Jr.

The Church in the South Pacific by Lanier Britsch.

The Seventies: A Historical Perspective by Elder S. Dilworth Young.

Our Great Pearl of Great Price: by James R. Clark.

Gold Plates and Printer’s Ink by Richard Lloyd Anderson.

The Character of Joseph Smith: Insights from His Holograph by Richard L. Bushman.

“Virtuous, Lovely, or of Good Report”: How the Church has Fostered the Arts by Ronald W. Walker and Michael Quinn.

“By the Gift and Power of God” by Richard Lloyd Anderson.

Book of Mormon Personalities Known by Joseph Smith by Robert J. Woodford.

1830: Pivotal Year in the Fulness of Times by Richard L. Bushman.

Alvin Smith: Reminder of the Fairness of God by Larry C. Porter.

The Joseph Knight Family by Larry C. Porter.
Christmas with the Prophet Joseph by Larry C. Porter.

The Newel K. Whitney Family by Michael Quinn.

Kirtland: The Crucial Years by Milton V. Backman Jr.

The First Road West: From New York to Kirtland, 1831 by Stanley B. Kimball.

Kirtland’s Resolute Saints by Lavina Fielding Anderson.

A House Divided: The John Johnson Family by Keith Perkins.

The John Tanner Family by Leonard J. Arrington.

Zion’s Camp March from Ohio to Missouri, 1834 by Stanley B. Kimball.

“Like Gold Seven Times Purified”: Early Saints in Missouri by Lavina Fielding Anderson.

Missouri’s Impact on the Church by Max H. Parkin.

Missouri Myths by Graham W. Doxey.

Dating the Restoration of the Melchizedek Priesthood by Larry C. Porter.

“Steadfastness and Patient Endurance”: by Dean Jessee.

The Mormon Battalion March, 1846-47 by Stanley B. Kimball.

Jane Manning James: Black Saint, 1847 Pioneer by Linda King Newell and Valeen Tippetts Avery.

The Whitmers: A Family That Nourished the Church by Richard Lloyd Anderson.

Early Saints and the Millenium by Glen M. Leonard.

Two More Mormon Trails: The Boonslick Trail; The Mississippi Saint’s Trial by Stanley B. Kimball.

Almost all of the September 1979 Ensign.

Church Publishes First LDS Edition of the Bible by Lavina Fielding Anderson.

The Five Sons of Jared and Charity Pratt by Steven Pratt.

The Kingdom Builders by James R. Moss.

Preston’s Proud Saints by Roger J. Kendle.

In the Crucible: Early British Saints by Lavina Fielding Anderson.

Louie Bouton Felt; A Friend of Children by Patricia Mann Alto.

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