Monday, December 27, 2010

A List of 50 Faithful Mormon Blogs

When a Latter-day Saint who has a testimony goes on the Internet it is hard to navigate the good, the not as good, the bad, and the plain evil. There is also the issue of size with more than an abundance of choices for reading. Agrigators, that gather a collection of blogs, are helpful. Yet, they too can be overcrowded at times for those just starting out on the Internet journey.

The list below is a type of primer of discovery for believing Mormons who don't want or have the time to swim in the garbage, but want to find some options. Each blog picked contains content suitable for faithful Mormons who seek the Spirit along with engaging the mind. It is far from exhaustive, but contains those that seem strong in testimony and currently consistent in posting. The blog world is constantly changing and some could fall out of use, but those that had a post in December and seemed to post at least once a month were chosen over others.

Happy New Year:

A Soft Answer
Amateur Mormon Historian
Millennial Star
Small and Simple
LDS Media Talk
Things of My Soul
No Death Before the Fall
What Do Mormons Believe?
Rachel's Latter-day Saints Blog
LDS Alive in Christ
Becoming LDS
Enduring to the End
More Good Foundation
The Backyard Professor
Sixteen Small Stones
Warfare and the Book of Mormon
LDS Philosopher
Mormon Insights
Put on the Armor of Light
Seth Adam Smith's Blog
Fred's Spiritual Corner
Little LDS Ideas
LDS Women of God
By Study and Faith (A House of Prayer)
LDS Church Growth
Dreaming of Jerusalem
A Study of the Book of Mormon
Lehi's Library
Eternal Musings
Scriptorium Blogorium
Questions About Mormonism
LDS Doctrine
The Truth is Restored
That Good Part
Grace for Grace
The Iron Rod
Know Your Religion
A Motley Vision
The Journal of a Black Mormon Girl
Simply Mormon
This Week at Church
Becoming LDS
Helaman's Army
Anderson Family Scripture Study
Mormon Scholars Testify


Morgan D. said...

Thanks for including me. I'm glad I can bring the Spirit and stimulate the mind.

Bruce Nielson said...

Thanks for this, Jettboy. Awesome!

Huston said...

Thank you for making this list! I'll be sure to check out the ones I don't know yet. Please also consider my blog, Gently Hew Stone:

Nathan said...

Thanks for including my and Jeff's blog ( It's always encouraging to know people are reading it and getting something out of it.

I will definitely be searching this list for new places to go browsing. I'm glad you included Jeff Lindsay's Mormanity, Max Wilson's SixteenSmallStones, and Lehi's Library---they're great! I've also found FAIR and No Death Before the Fall to be useful for research.

Eric Nielson said...

Thanks man.

Pokemon said...

Thanks for your nice comment and including me in your list. I'll definitely have to check out many of the others that I am not familiar with. Thanks again.

Jeff Lindsay said...

Very kind of you. Thanks for listing!

Jack Mormon said...

Much obliged for the recognition afforded to Mormonism-Unveiled. Since you are not included under the Mormon Archipelago umbrella (the Bloggernacle), I've posted a link to your blog on my sidebar.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for remembering THE IRON ROD. I am humbled and grateful. I haven't been posting as much as I should. This encouragement will inspire me to post more often.

--John W. Redelfs

Th. said...


It's nice to know AMV is recognized as faithful. Sometimes, writing about the arts, people assume the worst.

Jettboy said...

Th, I think part of it is the people who post there. I might not always agree with the art (and this is my personal opinion list), but I have never read any article that seemed negative toward the LDS Church or faith. As a lover of reading and art myself, it is nice to discuss the subject without feeling out of place as a believer.

graceforgrace said...

Thanks for including my site on this. I'm glad it has been helpful for you.

Jared said...

Thanks for including my site.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for compiling this list and for including my site. I will definitely be checking the sites I'm not as familiar with.


Tigersue said...

thanks for the list, I'm going to have to peruse it more when I have some time.

Matt said...

Thanks for including me as well.

Th. said...


I would agree with that.

Papa D said...

I would suggest "As Sistas in Zion". It is an excellent blog, it's funny, and their post about Prof. Bott's recent statements was amazing - probably the best I read anywhere.

Jettboy said...

I agree and did put them on my links list. said...

Please consider Cranial Hiccups. Montse was Mother of the Year from Nevada a couple of years ago. Her blog is amazing.