Wednesday, November 07, 2007

And People think Mormons Claim Orders from God

The only reason I am including this story about Huckabee is because of how Mormons would be treated if any leaders did the same, and what it would mean for Mormons (and others who are considered non-Christian) if he was elected President. My patience for the Religious Right, as stated in my other post, is wearing thin. At this point, if Romney doesn't win then I hope Gilliani does even if I don't consider him Conservative. Either one of those will either shrink the exclusive bigotry of a group that I support the moral values of or break the influence of the increasingly theocratic voters in a political party I belong.

Here are some important graphs:

IRVING, Texas — New Beginnings church hasn’t endorsed anybody in the 2008 presidential race, but God probably has, pastor Larry Huch said Sunday.

The Almighty, who chose a Goliath-slayer to reign over Israel years ago, apparently has selected an Arkansan to rule over the United States, the Irving pastor repeatedly told his congregation as Mike Huckabee stood nearby.

Huch, saying he believes he has a word from God for the Republican hopeful, quoted a Scripture passage from 1 Samuel that ends with the Lord declaring: “Arise and anoint [David to lead the nation ] for this is the one.”

The crowd, some of them wearing yarmulkes, cheered noisily after Huch’s declaration, and they later stretched their hands toward Huckabee as they prayed for campaignseason favor from heaven.

“I believe that Sen. Huckabee is the David that you’ve brought in to be a head over this nation’s house,” Huch said, misstating Huckabee’s political rank. “And Father, I ask for the blessing on him, on his family, on their campaign, that you will keep them safe, you will give them wisdom, that you will give him favor, for he is giving you all the praise and all the glory.”

A more level headed, but still problematic, blog run by Evangelical Christians contemplated about this article:

1. Can you imagine the brouhaha if this had happened to Gov. Romney in an LDS church?
2. Does this violate the IRS tax codes, to have a pastor lay hands on a candidate and declare that God has anointed him to win the election... at church? Just curious and my resident attorney is away.

In case anyone thinks that Huckabee is just going on for the ride, remember he is a Baptist Preacher himself. That isn't a layman's calling that means mere membership responsibilities. Not only that, but he has preached in a church recently while running for U.S. President. What he said is both typical and questionable:

For Christians, Huckabee suggested, defeat need not ever be final.

“All things work together for good — not for everybody in the world — but for those who love God, who are called according to His purpose. That’s a unique privilege for those who put their faith in Christ,” he told the 10 a. m. worship crowd, paraphrasing Romans 8: 28.

Then Huckabee compared the future to an Arkansas Razorbacks basketball victory — tape-delayed and rebroadcast, but with the outcome never in doubt.

He compared that broadcast to the end times outlined in the book of Revelation, the apocalyptic final book in the New Testament. “Cheat just a little bit, and just go read the back of the book, because guess what ? In the end, we do win this thing.”

“Whatever the score is late in the fourth quarter, hang on, because when the final whistle blows, Jesus is Lord and that’s what matters.”

He even got in a shot at Romney, with God behind it:

With news cameras clicking and television crews beaming his image onto Jumbotron-style screens, Huckabee compared the Christian’s life to a bobsled race. “God has plans for the curves ahead. God plans for us to succeed — not fail.”

Quoting the late singer Ethel Waters, Huckabee added, “God don’t sponsor no flops.”

This man really disturbes me. The only good news is that if he does win the Republican nomination, something I don't believe will happen, he would most certainly lose. It is amazing that people are talking all about Romney's Mormonism that has proven to be of little political practical value. Here is someone who is unquestionably using his religion as a political asset. He is even invoking God beyond the relatively generic term for a higher power that others of a different faith can share.


NateDredge said...

Huckabee actually strikes me as not the ‘Southern preacher’ stereotype. He is a conservative, but he always seemed pretty likable and low key to me, even more concerned (politically speaking) with kids avoiding obesity, then with the forced imposer of evangelical values.

annegb said...

I had two teachers--brothers, whose last names were Huckabee. They were from Arkansas. Let's see, Gerald, would be maybe 75? His brother, James, (who I didn't like at all) would be maybe 80. Do you think one of them is his dad? I can't remember if they had any kids.

annegb said...

Also, I think Huckabee is the best looking of all the candidates.