Saturday, August 04, 2007

The "Mere Christianity" Reviews

One of the most quoted non-Mormons by LDS General Authorities is C.S. Lewis, the famous Christian apologist. Considering how much he is quoted by them, it seemed a good idea to compare his ideas to Mormon thought and beliefs. Reading his introduction to Christian faith "Mere Christianity" was frustrating. His theology was at best problematic and the arguments sometimes contradictory. Probably his strongest writing is when discussing morality. Much of what he says on that topic could be acceptable regardless of religious affiliation.

Book I: Right and Wrong as a Clue to the Meaning of the Universe

Book II: What Christians Believe

Book III: Christian Behaviour

Book IV: Beyond Personality: Or First Steps in the Doctrine of the Trinity

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Arjun said...

Shortly after the Fool finished reading Mere Christianity , he had the opportunity to see the documentary film on the life of C.S. Lewis, "Through Joy and Beyond." At the conclusion of the film, an open forum was held in which the question was asked, "What is a good book to give to an atheist or an agnostic?" Father Hooper, who was C.S. Lewis' private secretary during the last few months of Lewis' life and who accompanied the presentation of the film.