Saturday, May 05, 2007

Witness to Alpha and Omega (a poem)

Witness to Alpha and Omega

Among the Stars a brilliance did abide
proclaiming to save despite our pride;
The God of Love did arise.
He went to minister to the World
With Power and Glory in his words.
Chosen apart with Truths divine,
Away with many devils he did drive.
Taken by the people he wanted prepared,
fullfilled in blood and water promises.
Lifted high on timber and left alone,
The dove and whale become like one
Saving masses and losing none.

A leader of men killed by murder
when in pain he fell down madly
through a window he did meander.
Hands of law had reached beyond crime
And grasped a prophet, no tears cried.
Seeing visions of Gold and Angels
He witnessed the greatness of another.
Words were taught from open Heavens
Helping to escape the walls of Hell.
Sent to organize on this world endless
Promises of Priesthood eternal
from the God of Love to all everything.

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