Sunday, May 13, 2007

Small Collection of Poems

Not a Love Poem

I've seen you once before
I'll see you yet again
All this time we've been just friends.
You looked so bueatiful to me
I had to know your name.
That was the start of my game;
The one I call "Break my Heart."

I keep on running into you
We continue to exchange hello.
So may words between are shown,
All too well conversation goes
laughing and crying sit together.
So different from one another
Yet every bit the same
When that wall of confidentiality
Really keeping us sane.

I hold out my destiny,
you hold me at a distance
And we get along so fine.
Let me remind my feelings
This is not my love poem.

I can only wish for a love poem
It can never be a love poem
It won't ever be a love poem.
They aren't written about me and her,
I saw that deep within her eyes.

A Line of Thoughts

Poetry without the prose
is nothing.
Words without some noise
is silence.
Dreams without any action
is fantasy.
Life without our love
is Death.

My Lord My God, Hear

My Lord my God
I cry for you.

My Lord my God
I scream out to you!

My Lord my God
I serve with you.

My Lord my God
I followed you.

My Lord my God
I am silent.
And then the Voice.

Struggle Within

The sharp dentures of our teeth
Nash at things that do not bleed.
Rushing wind at the gate,
How like a flying circus
We see our lofty fates.

Chimes the sound within our hair,
blowing sofly while others stare;
Moonbeams with Sunscapes near.

If they keep me from all I see,
Nice views of summer green;
Pushing out is my hate.
Outside of simple fussing,
I shall forgive my heart.

Copyright ©2007 Jettboy

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