Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Putting a Toe back in the Water

It has been about a month since I last wrote anything. After so much work (and it does take time to do these things if you are doing them right) I felt a need to back away. There were too many other things that were more importance in my life. Not that there wasn't time enough for blogging and doing something else. Rather, I was emotionally drained from writing what was essentially ignored. My motivations for keeping the blog going were challenged. Finally, I decided to take a break to question why I was working so hard with limited results.

slight rant: At first I was going to be a voice for the bloggernacle's disenfranchised Conservative voice. It didn't backfire, as much as fizzle. I blame this partly on the Mormon Archipelego where if you aren't on that, you aren't getting noticed. I tried to have my blog placed on at least the nasceant section, sending an e-mail to the exclusive club. Alas, the "powers that be" didn't even have the courtesy of writing back saying not interested. I even sent a short-short story to "Popcorn Popping" and didn't get any "return-to-sender" message. Is there a conspiracy? I don't know.

However, I am going to give this another try. My new motivation is simply that I am a writer. No matter who reads or doesn't read my stuff, there is no way for me to get away from my passion. Not that I was ever away from typing what was in my mind. The time I wasn't here, my computer keyboard was busy editing my finished novel. Soon my computer will start working on my second novel again; having finished three chapters previously.

Will I be consistant? Probably not like before where I missed one week at the most. Thoughts will be written down when I feel like it; more than out of a sad obligation toward an audience that doesn't exist. For those who might care, be watching for my first REAL blog return the first week of next month. It is going to be a comparative look at the three most important and informative biographies of Joseph Smith (and the only ones worth reading if you are going to read any of them). You can probably guess what two out of the three are, and not be surprised by the third.

Addendum: It would be nice to hear from others who feel "left out" of the sandbox. Post your grievences and your blogs here if you would like. Perhaps you can be placed on my "other Bloggers" section. At the least I will come visit you and leave a nice comment. Of course, if you haven't noticed already, my preference is for the more Conservative and less Diary writers.


Anonymous said...

I hear you, Jettboy. You and I may be in separate universes politically but we share a healthy disdain for being ignored and for the MA.

The group blog I post on is suffering from a severe shortage of thoughtful and strongly argued conservative representation...please drop-in. And I guarantee you won't get ignored there.

William said...


No conspiracy on the part of Popcorn Popping. If you noticed our most recent announcement, we're working our way through the submissions queue. You should hear from us within the next two weeks.

I understand that because those of us who created it and edit for it are all part of the Bloggernacle that there is a temptation to lump Popcorn Popping in with that crowd.

There's no doubt that we have called on that network for submissions, readers, and promotion, but we very much view Popcorn Popping more as a magazine than a blog and are trying (quite hard, in fact) to draw readers and submissions from beyond the Bloggernacle.

And as part of that we are also trying to use standard editorial procedures in how we handle submissions.

Guy Murray said...

Matt, Jet Boy: What's up with the MA? I thought they routinely added new LDS blogs for the asking. Is that not the case any longer? You been slipping them some of your Kool Aide Matt?

Jet Boy--don't despair for lack of comments on your blog. These few comments here suggest to you that people read what you write. I sense, and I think this is the general consensus that there are a great more readers than commentary. I’ve noticed that on my small solo blog. There is much more traffic and visiting of pages than there are comments.

My own personal philosophy (not one I am suggesting is successful by any means) is to write what you want, when you want. Don't write when you don't feel like it. Each voice in the 'nacle contributes. Keep plugging along, and you will help contribute to that sometimes cacophony of noise we call the ‘nacle

Noelie said...

I know the depression of no readers, but not for my blog.. lol.

That is a place for me to rant, rave and be a complete dork, because I want some place to do that. I keep telling TigerSue her blog is the important one to read,.. and is yours and Peggy's..

I got hit with DRL lately in a good way, but it means my downtime is really really at a minimum. I am giving about 12 hours of my daily awake time to my work right now. A good thing. A grown up thing.

It however has meant that i am not so good about getting around to people I respect.

I will try. The blogernacle doesn't matter. It really doesn't. Finding you good readers does, and I think I can round up one more today :-)

Anonymous said...

Good on ya, Jettboy.

-Adam Greenwood

Anonymous said...

Hey Jettboy,

I never saw any emails from you and I am copied on all emails sent to the Mormon Archipelago address ( Can you email your info over again?

Jettboy said...

geoff j., I just sent you an e-mail. If I am included, fine. If I am not, fine. No worries either way. Just said some things that apparently hit a cord with other small writers on the Net.

Anonymous said...


You're on the MA now. I actually found your blog because I saw the post, and I thought, "Wait, Jettboy--I know that name! I've never seen his blog before. I should look at it."

Persistence is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

I've been blogging for over a year, and I have been surprised by how many of my old posts are still getting hits and comments, long after I have forgotten about them. Each post is a separate webpage that gets indexed by the search engines, and people find what they are interested in long after you write it. This doesn't seem to be anything like email networking where past posts are soon forgotten.

I don't think I have visited your blog before. But because you have commented on mine, and because I am very interested in the more conservative, believing blogs, I wanted to check you out and read you more. I really appreciate the commenting that you have done on my blog, The Iron Rod.

I am linked to you on my blogroll, and I have recently decided to list my links in my sidebar as Good Blogs, Better Blogs, and Best Blogs depending on how much I enjoy reading them. So far, all of the blogs except for a few are listed as the default Good Blogs, but I am sure that the more conservative blogs will end up listed as Better Blogs by and by after I've had a chance to get better aquainted with them. I still don't have any Best Blogs, but the ones I choose for that list will be the ones that I read really often. As it is, most of my writing time on the Internet is spent on the email discussion lists. As a "conservative" I'm never on the cutting edge, but always back in the 90s. --Grin--

If you find any other conservative or more orthodox blogs that you like, I wish you would give me a heads up. I'm going to start collecting them for my blogroll. So far, they aren't too easy to find.

I don't know how I got listed so quickly on the Mormon Archipelago. They picked me up immediately when I started blogging. I think they want a reasonable cross section of the Mormon blogging community and value the few TBM blogs they can get. I'm pleased to see earlier in this comments section that they have added you. I think that Geof and Jonathan and the others are doing a wonderful thing with the Mormon Archipelago. I get most of my readership from there. But you are right, they are so successful that I imagine that those who don't get listed can feel kind of blacklisted. That is hardly fair when you consider how many thousands and thousands of Mormon blogs there must be out there, but I don't know any answer for that. I think that those who read and comment on other Mormon Archipelago blogs are the most likely to get picked up, especially if we read, enjoy and intelligently comment on the blogs run by the Isle of the Sea who are the founders of the Mormon Archipelago. While I don't agree with all of their politics and religious ideas, I do enjoy reading their stuff and think they bring up a lot of interesting topics for discussion.

Anonymous said...


I know how you feel in posting things with few comments or discussions.. but while nice, that has never been my goal in my blogging.

First and foremost, my blog is a creative outlet for me to express what I normally wouldn't in my personal journal (which, I'll admit, has been neglected since I started blogging so much).

Second/lastly, I wanted to educate other people when possible. My posts are usually a mixture of things political and religious, since I feel the two are closely intertwined. Many of my friends and family have no clue when it comes to what I write about, so it's good for me to be able to share what I've learned with others.

Jettboy said...

Connor, I really liked your blog. When I have time I will put it onto my own list of places to visit. Right now I must work for food.