Sunday, December 11, 2005

Where the Orthodox Bloggers?

Today I was trying to update my list on the side that linked to other bloggs and foung it hard to find any of interest. None of them looked very promising in my search for bloggs with closer viewpoints as my own. It seems that Orthodox Mormonism doesn't thrive well on the Internet Ether. I have tried to come up with some reason for this.

Perhaps most orthodox Mormons like to live rather than talk. Conservatives of all stripes are not known for erudite expansion of their thoughts and ideas. This has given the Liberals, who do love to talk, plenty of false ammunition that Conservatives don't think. The truth is that Conservatives believe in doing rather than saying. They don't do much writing, they don't do much active protesting (although that has slowly changed), and they don't do nearly as much navel gazing. What they do tend to do is act on their thoughts and ideas in such ways that Liberal always seem reactionary. Thus, I believe, to blog is not something that Orthodox Mormons tend to appriciate. Instead they go to Church, read their Scriptures, Home and Visiting teach, go to work and earn money, raise children, and basically live the teachings of the LDS Church rather than discuss them.

I am not sure how this is effecting the Church members themselves. If the general Conservative Mormon doesn't care for blogging, they won't make bloggs. Sadly, this quiets the voices that reflect the mainstream of Mormonism. For instance, at BBC, the question was asked what books would be used to introduce Mormonism to outsiders for a better understanding? The list was of obscure history books of little value to actually understanding mainstream Mormonism. To be sure, some of them were good for those who are already familiar with Mormon readings of history. However, none of them capture the actual heart and spirit of Mormonism as represented by every day mainstream followers who actually live the religion. The point is that what is representative of a particular brand of Mormonism, the self-satified over educated and usually less Church active Internet devotees, is not what actually exists in the same numbers in the real world. Interestingly, most of the more Conservative Mormons who do have blogs concentrate on politics more than religion. Doctrinal and Religious discussions go untouched other than as possible background material. The possibilities for Mormonism seem to go unheaded by all but those who are less Orthodox in their views.

The blog world can be seen as a fulfilment of some Orthodox Mormon activities. The first is missionary work where the word is spread to those who are not members of the Church. True, it is probably less of a hit than even door knocking. People have to find you rather than you find them. Still, it is better to try than ignore yet another media outlet that can spread the word. Because of the nature of the blog world, it can also act as a public diary. This has its own problems as privacy concerns can keep it fully functioning. This can be overcome if the poster is prudent in what they decided to write, mostly keeping to gospel insights and observations.

I suppose I am calling for two things. First, if anyone has any ideas where I can find more Orthodox Blogs than please tell me. I am trying to increase my link possibilities and expand productive discussions. Second, more people who hold Orthodox Mormon views should go out there in cyber-space and be heard. We must become more communicative if we are to make any impact for the next generation who are more technologically friendly. Then again, perhaps actions speak louder than words and blogging is unnecessary. Only the future can tell.


Jettboy said...

I removed the above because it was not in keeping with my stated mission for this blog. However, I found the following to be very telling:

"Conservative Mormon's do not work any harder then their more liberal counterparts. And they assuredly don't write less. Look at Elder McConkies corpus for Heaven's sake! The reasons you see less "conservative" blogs is because conservatives often times don't want to step outside of correlated thought. A blog about Mormon history/doctrine that doesn't go beyond correlated materials is simply un-educational and boring. Consequently, no one would visit."

As it seems to imply, Conservatives seem not to think. I find this highly offensive and wrong. On the other hand, I won't fault the person for not enjoying the kinds of discussions that "correlated thought" can bring. To each their own.

Anonymous said...

My deepest conversations involve things too sacred to put onto the Internet. In this I do not believe I am alone. So the deep things of God are not usually going to find a place on the Internet.

Tigersue said...

I'm not sure I would know what to write as an Orthodox Mormon, but I have been to many sites that I have enjoyed in many respects. Perhaps you are wanting something that just isn't there, or you want more than what is there. I am much more than my religion, although my religion defines me greatly. It directs me in all facets of my life. My Blog may not be what you would like to see from a conservative mormon, but it is what I am. I have also linked on my site to my sister, who is very conservative, and very strong in her political beliefs, and doesn't hold anything back when she feels she needs to. Good job on your Blog for writing what you feel you need to write.